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    SunSundayMayMay22nd2016 A Divided Kingdom

    1 Kings 12;1-20
    Enclosure 05220216 11am message.m4a
    MonMondayMayMay16th2016 Connecting the Dots
    Enclosure 04152016 11am service.m4a
    MonMondayMayMay9th2016 Regeneration

    Titus 3:1-8
    Enclosure 05082016 11am message.m4a
    MonMondayMayMay2nd2016 Whose dust is on your shoes?
    byEd Evans Tagged Community Fellowship 0 comments Add comment
    John 17:1-5
    Enclosure 05012016 9am message.m4a
    MonMondayAprApril25th2016 Pneuma: The Paraclete John 14-16 John 14-16
    Enclosure 04242016 9am message.m4a
    SunSundayAprApril17th2016 PETER REHAB’D
    byDave McDowell Tagged Community Fellowship 1 comments Add comment
    Enclosure 04172016 9am message.m4a

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