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    Margaret Bangert Early Childhood Coordinator Margaret and her husband, Keith, have 8 children and 2 grandchildren. Margaret loves teaching children the vast truths of the Bible in simple terms.... More (630) 562-9184 ext. 203
    Sandy Dimas Late Childhood Coordinator Sandy enjoys creating an exciting environment for children to learn about Jesus. She and her husband, Jerry, have 5 daughters. She is a woman of many... More (630) 562-9184 ext. 202
    Joanne Lewis Office Manager Joanne spent 9 years as a missionary in Austria and enjoys recalling the German that she learned. She has two out of state adult children who she... More (630) 562-9184 ext. 200
    Judy Riley Finance Administrator Judy does finance by day and doubles as a travel agent by night. She and her husband, Dan, have 2 adult children. Judy enjoys reading books on her... More (630) 562-9184 ext. 222
    Donna Schnaufer Student Ministries Interim Director I’m blessed to have been a part of Community Fellowship Church for the past 10 years. I find much joy in being an active participant in my... More (630) 562-9184 ext. 211
    Deb Lammers Young Adults & Communications Coordinator Deb never imagined she’d grow up to work for a church, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves ministry and is excited about... More (630) 562-9184 ext. 213
    Wayne Stringham Facilities Manager Wayne keeps CF running by paying attention to all the facilities things that make ministry possible. He and his wife, Sandi have two adult children... More (630) 562-9184 ext. 210

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