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    Our culture is obsessed with lifestyle. Magazines and websites tell us what to wear, how to get fit, what to drive, and how to love. Everyone wants to tell us how to live our lives. Jesus didn't leave us a lifestyle magazine; he sat down on a mountainside and began to teach. The Jesus Lifestyle examines Jesus' Sermon on the Mount and the radical alternative it presents to the modern lifestyle. Each talk provides life application principles that each individual can apply to live the life that Jesus wants us to live. The Jesus Lifestyle course is an excellent follow up for guests who have just completed Alpha.

    Topics include:
    How to Find the Secret of Happiness
    How to Change the World Around You
    How to Understand the Old Testament
    How to Handle Anger
    How to Approach Sex in the 21st Century
    How to Respond to Divorce

    About the Speaker: Nicky Gumbel is the pioneer of Alpha. He studied law at Cambridge and theology at Oxford, practiced as a lawyer, and is now senior pastor of Holy Trinity Brompton church in London, one of England's fastest growing churches.

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