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    Download the CFI tri-fold pamphlet here: 

    The following are all the forms, syllabi, and course packets you will need for the CF Institute

    If you are planning to pay for a course with cash or a check, please download the CFI Registration form.  Click here to sign up online for the current semester (if paying with a credit card).

    Certificate Programs:
    For entry into the certificate programs you will need to download and fill out the CFI Certificate Program application and the CFI Accountability application.  Please note that entry into the CFI Certificate Programs carries a one-time $75.00 fee for each program.  

    Syllabi: (posted during registration period)
    Christian Doctrine 101

    Course Packets:

    Christian Doctrine 101 Handouts
    Chalcedonian Creed

    Nicene and Constantinople Creeds

    Christological Heresies Handout

    Holy Spirit Scripture Handout

    Sin, Resurrection, and Union with Christ Scripture Handout

    Course Evaluations:

    Student Evaluation Form
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