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    Each course requires weekly preparation and a final project/paper. Successful completion of a course is determined on the basis of class attendance and satisfactory completion of the project. Final projects are designed to deepen the student’s understanding of the course material and help the student apply what he/she has learned to real ministry settings. Due to the unique demands of each course, special permission must be granted for students desiring to take more than one course in a single term. Click here to sign up online for the current semester.


    The following is a list of the courses that are offered at CFI (new courses are added each year):


    How We Got Our Bible: An historical survey of how the Bible was written, received, and handed down through the centuries to today.  Download syllabus.
    Bible Study 101
    :  An introduction to Biblical interpretation, where the students learn and practice the practical disciplines of observation, word studies, and logical analysis of Biblical texts.  Download course packet.
    Old Testament Survey: A broad survey of OT literature, history, and theology.
    New Testament Survey: A broad survey of NT literature, history and theology.
    Biblical Book Studies: Studies of individual books of the Bible are offered periodically.
    Greek: An introduction to Biblical Greek.  Students learn the basics of Greek language and its import for the study of the NT.

    Church History

    Ancient Church: The history of the Christian Church from the resurrection of Jesus to the council of Nicea.
    Medieval Church: The history of the Christian Church from the Council of Nicaea to the Reformation.
    The Reformation: The history of the Christian Church from the Reformation to the late 18th century. Course Text: Justo L. Gonzalez, The Story of Christianity: The Early Church to the Present Day (Peabody: Prince Press, 1999). 
    The Church of the 19th and 20th Centuries: The history of the modern Christian Church. Download syllabus.

    Historical and Systematic Theology

    Historical Theology—Ancient Church: An exploration of the Biblical and theological developments of the ancient church culminating at the Council of Nicea.
    Christian Doctrine 101: An overview of the central doctrines of the Christian Church.
    Download Course Syllabus.
    OT and NT Canon: An historical and theological exploration of the Biblical canon and its relevance to the modern church.
    The Trinity: An in-depth study of the Trinity as a Biblical, historical, and theological reality.
    Worship: Praising God in Community and Life: A study of how our understanding of God affects worship for individuals and the community of faith.  


    Evangelism: A study of the history of evangelism and how it relates to the church.
    Foundations of Mission: A Biblical-theological, historical, and practical study of Christian mission.
    Christianity and Culture: A study of the relationship between the church and culture and how each one affects the other.
    World Religions and Worldview A study of the various religious and philosophical worldviews that we encounter in a globalized world.
    Effective Communication: A practical course aimed at developing communication strategies for church, work, and out in the world.  Download Syllabus Here.


    Apologetics 101: A practical introduction to the defense of the faith.

    Christian Ministry

    Spiritual Formation: An introduction and practical study of spiritual formation and discipleship.
    Preaching: Practical instruction on how to develop and deliver a sermon to any group within the church.

    Some of these courses are offered each year, while others are offered less often.  Please contact the program administratorfor upcoming course availability.

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