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    The Next Child & Family Dedication is JULY 30, 2017.

    What is Child & Family Dedication?

    The dedication of a child at any age is an important spiritual milestone for a family to take within the Church. It is a mutual statement of intent entered into by the child’s Christian parents and church family. For the parents, it is the moment when they publicly give the child back to a loving God for the working out of His perfect will, and promise to raise the child under the Lordship of Christ, that he/she may at some future time personally accept Christ as his/her Lord and Savior. For the church, it is the moment when we witness the parents’ promises and also pledge their own love and support, and assume responsibilities for spiritual education and to partner with the parents as they raise the child in a godly way throughout the child’s life at Community Fellowship.

    There are Biblical precedents for Child Dedication found in First Samuel 1, when Hannah offered back to God the baby Samuel, for whom she had prayed; and in Luke 2:22, when Joseph and Mary presented the 40-day old Jesus to the Lord for His purposes. Unlike infant baptism or christening, dedication is not a sacrament or ordinance in which divine grace or blessings are bestowed upon the child himself or herself. It is simply an act of acknowledging God’s ownership of the child and of obedient intent to be godly parents and to raise the child so that he/she might come to love, believe in, and follow Jesus.

    We encourage single parents to take this step, as well, to dedicate their child(ren), but do not believe that an unmarried couple should dedicate their child(ren) until they first confirm their commitment to each other and their child(ren) through marriage.

    Download the Child Dedication Form

    If you are interested in dedicating your Child(ren) or would like more information, please contact the Children’s Ministry Team.

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