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    Revelation 1 thru 9 - Summer 2013

    WARNING!!! This study could give you indigestion. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is one of the strangest books of the Bible because it contains what we call “apocalyptic literature.” The very name of the book is from the Greek apokalypsis, which means revelation or unveiling. The term means the supernatural revealing of truths from God that are unknown to humans and could not be discovered using ordinary means. (Rom. 16:25; Gal. 1:12) Thus the theme of the book is the unveiling of Jesus Christ, His triumph, and His final rescue of the Church. 

    I (Pastor Dave) believe that the book of Revelation was written in two parts: Part 1, the earthly struggle of the Church persecuted by the world, and its triumph (chapters 1-11); Part 2, the deeper spiritual struggle of the Church persecuted by the Dragon and his helpers, and its triumph (chapters 12-22).

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    Hot Potatoes: Biblical Responses to Hard Topics- Summer 2012

    Pastor Dave taught on a wide variety of interesting sujects. The purpose was not to be divisive or dramatic, but to help us think "Christianly" and not just culturally, about issues that may be very confusing. Certain topics were dealt with because the CF elders produced "pastoral guidance papers" on these issues (Homosexuality, Marriage and Divorce, and The Role of Women and Men in the Church).

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