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    Community Fellowship places a high value on equipping believers to love the Lord our God with all our minds, all our hearts, and all our souls. CFI courses are meant to engage the mind, transform the heart, and move the will to obedience and action. CFI encourages students to engage God’s Word and one another as we seek to know our Lord and serve His church. We invite Christ-followers of all ages, high school and up, to join us as we seek to build-up a faith that seeks understanding. 

    From September to May, CFI offers a wide variety of courses.  Many courses meet once per week for two hours over a span of eight weeks, and some are offered as single weekend intensives, which begin on Friday night and run through the day on Saturday.  Classes are taught by instructors who have graduate degrees or exceptional expertise in Bible, Theology, or a related field of study. Courses are accessible for those who have little theological education, and yet are meant to be challenging to students of any level.

    I decided to sign up for the CF course that dealt with the Church in the Middle Ages because it is not only a time period that I am interested in, but also because I was looking for a way to take what I was learning in the Bible and put it into historical context.  In the course, we learned about some of the men and women who kept the Church moving forward in spite of some very large obstacles, not the least of which were the severe consequences for even talking to others about Jesus.  For me, this course acted as a wake up call!  Whatever struggles that I may have in regards to my faith, the believers who came before me went through trial after trial to move their faith forward so that I could have the freedom to do the same.  Taking this course has changed my perspective on faith and I can't wait for the next session. (Kelly Day)

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