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    Community Groups

    Participating in our church community

    One of the primary ways we build relationships and cultivate fellowship with God and each other is through our network of small groups – which are referred to as Community Groups. While we are joined to all believers in the local church, Community Groups allow us to relate more deeply with a small number of people. These groups are an integral piece of our church’s ministry and provide an essential context for accomplishing a number of biblical priorities.

    • Biblical Application of God’s word to our lives
    • Pursue Biblical Fellowship
    • Life on Life Ministry
    • Discipleship

    The purpose of Community Groups

    Beyond Sunday services, the CF family gets together during the week in Community Groups to live lives together in the shared mission God has given us. Our desire is to see people's lives transformed all throughout the week both in our homes and in our places of work as we develop authentic relationships with other people centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ, the scriptures, and prayer. Community Groups offer opportunities for spiritual growth, support, and leadership development as they seek to branch out and engage our neighbors with the gospel, transforming people's lives in the process.

    1. Biblical Application of God’s word to our lives - We are a community in which the Scriptures are honored and taught so that learning will not be a mere accumulation of knowledge, but will lead to becoming more like Christ. The gospel is meant to transform our life. We seek to apply the Bible, review sermons, discuss Christian books, and use a variety of other resources all with the intention of growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    2. Pursue Biblical Fellowship – Genuine fellowship isn’t practical in large crowds. Community Groups provide the opportunity to build relationships, care for one another, and help each other grow in our relationship with God.  Biblical fellowship is both Inward and Outward. It is Inward in that a group is intentional about caring for those who are part of the group. It is Outward in that the group is intentional about caring for and reaching out to their neighbors and others in the community. Research has confirmed what we have already found to be true and Biblical – Community Groups and churches where people feel most cared for are also those that are deeply concerned with the community at large. Biblical fellowship is not exclusive.

    3. Life on Life Ministry – People matter to God and God has made us dependant upon each other. Community Groups provide a context where people can truly get to know each other and minister to one another with the gifts God has given us. Meetings often include times of prayer, singing, and opportunities for individuals to exercise spiritual gifts for the building up of others. It would be a dream come true for us if we had an army of people who lead and participate in Community Groups with this one question on their mind – How can I help this person (or these people) grow according to the way God is working in their life?

    4. Discipleship – Community Group leaders are given the charge to focus on discipleship of the people who are part of their Community Group. This can take on various forms but our desire is to develop group leaders who are followers of Jesus and who can, according to the way God has gifted them, develop others as followers of Jesus.

    Our responsibilities within Community Groups

    Each person is important to the group, and should seek to contribute to the group’s health and success. We each have the responsibility in our groups to:

    1. Faithfully attend gatherings. Be willing to make a commitment with your time.

    2. Willingly participate. Come ready to contribute, serve, share, and open yourself to others. Both you and others will benefit from your participation.

    3. Build relationships with group members outside regular meeting times. Don’t confine your investment to only the scheduled meeting times – let this be a springboard to rich, enduring friendships.

    4. Discipleship - Commit to growing as a follower of Jesus.

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