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    What is the Alpha Course?

    Have you ever asked: Who is Jesus really? Can we trust what the bible says? Does God really guide us?

    Alpha is an opportunity to explore the Christian Faith in a relaxed, friendly setting. It allows you to learn, ask questions, and meet new people without pressure. It’s an 11 week course on Wednesday nights starting at 6:00 p.m. for dinner. Then there will be a short video and small group session ending at 8:15 p.m.

    Who is Alpha for?

    Alpha is for anyone…anyone who thinks there may be more to life than meets the eye.

    People attend from all backgrounds, religions, and viewpoints. They come to investigate questions about the existence of God, the purpose of life, the afterlife, the truth about Jesus and more. Some just want to find a relationship with God that really changes life. Others come for the long-lasting friendships that are built during the Alpha course.


    How much does Alpha cost?

    Alpha is FREE!!! Every night there will be a resource table available free of charge with reading material for further learning.

    Childcare is also available.

    For more information contact

    Walk the Talk Course
    Rick Warren and Gerard Long will rock your worldview.  They are Biblical sages for this generation, champions of critical thinking. In eight video sessions, this trio of cultural scholars gently guide new Christians across deep waters.  Perfect for discipleship groups that are ready to challenge their outlook by faith.

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    Next Alpha Course Coming Soon!
    To register for the next Alpha course please email

    Visit to find out more information about how the course started, who Nicky Gumbel is, or where other Alpha courses are held. You can also join us on Facebook!


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