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    "Chapter 3" is a three-year campaign to pay down the existing debt on our building. This is a critical time in the life of our church and your support is extremely important. As of July 9th we have raised 1.25 million in faith pledges.

    “Chapter 3” provides an opportunity to position Community Fellowship to free up the resources necessary to address the deep spiritual and social challenges of our community through more robust ministries focused on evangelism, discipleship, and mission/outreach. It will allow our new pastor the freedom to begin his ministry without the burden of long-term debt. By paying off our debt we will free up an additional $258,000 per year for discipleship, evangelism, and mission without increasing our budget.

    To this end, we hope to raise 3 million dollars over a 3-year period, over and above our regular giving. Contributions given to “Chapter 3” will be applied to debt reduction. The more contributions that come in right away, the more we can front load our principal to pay off the debt more quickly.

    If you have not yet made a faith pledge, it's not too late. As you consider your part in Chapter 3, we encourage you to pray this prayer:

    "Lord, what do you want to do through me
    to accomplish your will for Community Fellowship?"

    Gifts to Chapter 3 can be automatically deducted through online giving

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