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    Home / Get Connected / Focal Point The Christian Life is a journey. It has a beginning, a present, and a future. You are somewhere on this journey whether you are new to CF or have been here since the beginning, whether you are an adult or teenager, whether your desire is find out more about what CF believes or to become a ministry partner (member). This class is open to all and will be taught and facilitated by the pastoral staff and the elders. The class will include a time of teaching as well as a time of discussion in small groups. For everyone who takes the course, your next steps in CF will be clarified. And to those interested in becoming ministry partners, elder interviews will follow when the course is completed.

    Focal Point Class Schedule

    Focal Point is a 1-day intensive that introduces participants to doctrine, philosophy, and culture at CF.
    The next class will be in the Spring of 2017.

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    SatSaturdayOctOctober15th2016 Focal Point, Class 5
    byWill Pavone Tagged No tags 0 comments Add comment
    Joining in the Journey - Stewardship and Ministry Partnership Stewardship CF's Vision, Values and Statement of Faith Next Steps - Gather, Grow, Go Audio 2016 Focal Point 5 - Pavone.mp3
    SatSaturdayOctOctober15th2016 Focal Point, Class 4
    byGordon Spahr Tagged No tags 0 comments Add comment
    GO Inviting Others to Join us on the Journey - Evangelism and Mission How the Gospel motivates us to move outside our walls The importance of engaging the community, and how a common purpose for the community actually builds community Strength for... More Audio 2016 Focal Point 4 - Spahr.mp3
    SatSaturdayOctOctober15th2016 Focal Point Class 3
    byWill Pavone Tagged No tags 0 comments Add comment
    GROW Walking the Journey Together - The Community of the Saints How the Gospel informs our organization as a church The structure of leadership and organization in the church: elders, deacons, ops, pastoral staff, ministry partners Caring for One... More Audio 2016 Focal Point 3 - Pavone.mp3
    SatSaturdayOctOctober15th2016 Focal Point, Class 2
    byBill Gillette Tagged No tags 0 comments Add comment
    GATHER Celebrating the Journey - How the Gospel Informs our Worship How the Gospel directs our corporate worship The philosophy of why we do the things we do on Sunday morning Audio 2016 Focal Point 2 - Gillette.mp3
    SatSaturdayOctOctober15th2016 Focal Point, Class 1
    bySeth Rumsey Tagged No tags 0 comments Add comment
    GOSPEL The Beginning of the Journey – The Gospel What is ministry partnership? Doctrinal formulation of the Gospel Why the Gospel is foundational to everything Embarking on the Journey – How the Gospel changes us How the Gospel motivates... More Audio 2016 Focal Point 1 - Rumsey.mp3

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