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    SunSundayAugAugust13th2017 Discipleship & The Next generation
    Enclosure 08132017_9am.m4a
    SunSundayAugAugust6th2017 Heaven On Earth
    Enclosure 08062017_message_9am.m4a
    SunSundayJulJuly30th2017 The Authority To Forgive Sins
    byWill Pavone Tagged Mark 1 comments Add comment
    Enclosure 07302017_Message_9am.m4a
    SunSundayJulJuly23rd2017 A Culture Of Discipling
    byJim Libby Tagged Community Fellowship 0 comments Add comment
    Enclosure 07232017_message_9am.m4a
    SunSundayJulJuly16th2017 Jesus' Authority
    Enclosure 07162017_message_9am.m4a
    SunSundayJulJuly9th2017 Repent, Believe, Follow!
    Enclosure 07092017_message_9am.m4a
    SunSundayJulJuly2nd2017 In The Wilderness
    Enclosure 07022017_message_9.m4a
    SunSundayJunJune25th2017 How Can We Discern The Will of God?

    Proverbs 16:3, 9 & Proverbs 19:21
    Enclosure 06252017_message9am.m4a
    SunSundayJunJune11th2017 The Motivation For Generous Giving
    Enclosure 06112017_9am.m4a
    SunSundayJunJune4th2017 The Basis For Generous Giving
    byWill Pavone Tagged Community Fellowship Give 0 comments Add comment
    Enclosure 06042017_Message.m4a
    SunSundayMayMay28th2017 Spirtual Children
    Enclosure 05282017.m4a

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